Saturday, April 09, 2005

MY FAVORITE COUNTDOWN TO INFINITE CRISIS REVIEW: abhay's dc countdown mocking go! His summary:

well: everyone involved did an awful job. especially the colorists-- lets list them off: moose baumann, hi-fi, paul mounts, guy major, steve firchow. for taking a really bad comic and just making it all the worse-- muddy, gloomy, joyless, overrendered and SOULLESS.

its funny-- i picked up batman year one today. i haven't read it since i was 13. i was at camp. i borrowed a friend's copy. it fucking ROCKED harder than anything. i'd already read dark knight returns, but year one was BETTER. the art was awesome. i never read it again-- until tonight or tomorrow or whenever i get to it.

these people read the same comics i did, must've liked them-- why would they work so hard to get into comics, suck up to editors, work for years... just so they can do the Blue Beetle Snuff Comic Crossover Experience? i guess when you get older you forget that feeling you had originally...

As Jim Treacher said in the comments:

I think I've managed to boil down DC's policy to one sentence: Publish stories that only make sense if you've read every comic they've put out for the last 35 years, and then punish you for having read them.

Via Dave Intemittent.

META POSTSCRIPT: And isn't it neat the way these newfangled browsers copy font and text color? Saves me the trouble of italicising stuff, and arguable is a more accurate way of quoting someone.

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