Monday, April 04, 2005

THANK THE LORDS OF KOBOL FOR THE ONE-HOUR TELEVISION FORMAT: For I am in receipt of the first season of Battlestar Galactica (a British import--thank you, Amazon.UK) and among the deleted scences are many Boxey scenes. Mostly scenes of him finding stuff about Sharon's increasingly Cylonesque proclivities, so it makes sense to leave them out. I mean, if he knows she's going mental and he doesn't tell anybody, it's a bit of an unnecessary plot hole. Plus he's got that 70s television child star hair and the presence of a kid on the Galactica is just really out of place on the new series. So thank you, Ron Moore, for excising him.

The last two episodes have a lot taken out, actually, and what's missing (save the Boxey nonsense) does add a bit to the episodes. Apollo and Crash visit Sharon in the hospital, where it's explained that they need every pilot they got and yadda yadda and she needs to get back on her feet and how could you leave a bullet in the chamber?, making it somewhat less strange that Adama picks the just-wounded Sharon for the nuke delivery. (If he's a Cylon, that's just weird. Who makes a Cylon with Edward James Olmos' complexion? You can't design that.) There's shots of her practicing her quick-draw motion, which of course would have given away everything in the final scene. And since I am a Grace Park obsessives, that's all I remember of the deleted scenes.

Hot Dog, by the way, is the Wedge Antilles of the new Battlestar Galactica. And the Internet just became slightly more pathetic.

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