Monday, April 11, 2005

YOUR RANDOM BATTLESTAR GALACTICA QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why does Grace Park look different in every scene? Caprica Boomer is different from Galactica Boomer is different from Nekkid Boomer. Do they shoot her differently? More of those celebrated special effects? Is it--you know--acting?

And did you notice INDC Bill throwing down the geek gauntlet, hyping Firefly over Galactica? I got so upset I almost choked on my ten-sided die. More reasonably, I stuck Firefly on my Netflix. It will have to really be something to replace Cowboy Bebop as the genre-bending space western of my heart, of course.

And from Bill's comment thread I am led to notice that ninme has already had a good little Galactica/Firefly debate.

UPDATE: And another random comment: I hope everyone noticed that the fight between Starbuck and Six in the museum was a Blade Runner reference, complete with terrified human with a gun and disembodied replicant voice mocking her from god knows where. Plus you have throughout BSG the living, breathing Blade Runner reference known as Edward James Olmos. I sometimes think of BSG as Philip K. Dick writing Star Trek, though that is probably not completely accurate.

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