Saturday, April 09, 2005

OH AWESOME: Blogger is now unblocked by my office firewall. Maybe I can update more often now than twice a week.

I think they updated their filtering software, because now timeouts happen much faster when the search is slow on say Netflix or something, and I get a friendly message to contact my network administrator if this is a problem. It was weird what it used to block, too; all blogspot URLs, yet some of them I could access once a day (like Atrios and Americablog) and others wouldn't load at all. Yet all Typepad URLs were fine. Instapundit was unloadable. I could get to Josh Marshall, Radley Balko and Sports Frog (among others) once a day before the software reblocked them. If I added or removed the www. in fron of their addresses I could sometimes get to them again. Meanwhile I never had any trouble with Off Wing, or Obsidian Wings, or Crooked Timber, or Jim Henley, or Kevin Drum, or many others. Darnedest thing.

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