Thursday, April 29, 2010

BIG TEN EXPANSION TALK: Heating up today. I hate using a tweet as a source--so let's just agree this is just pie-in-the-sky talk. The Tom Dienhart tweet:

The Big Ten divisions: Syra, Pitt, Rut., Penn St.--Mich., Wisc., Mich. St., Mnn.--Ohio St., Pur., IU, Ill./North.--MU, Iowa, Neb., Ill./NU.

That's four four-team division in a new Big Ten Plus Six. Holy cow! It's really turning out to be the case that the biggest mistake the Big East made was not admitting Penn State when Penn State wanted to be in. A mistake made in the earliest days of the conference, and it could end up killing the BE.

The other notable thing--which unlike that tweet, involves actual school representatives speaking on the record--is Randy Edsall saying the Big East football coaches have been asking the conference to tell Notre Dame to either join the conference in all sports or get out of the conference, and (this is me thinking out loud now, not Edsall) thus preempting the Big Ten from taking Big East football schools. Since all those Notre Dame sports would have to go somewhere, and it's not like they don't fit in the Big Ten, or the Big Ten hasn't coveted them for years, AAU membership or not.

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