Thursday, April 08, 2010

ONE DESPERATE CORPORATE PITCHMAN: I didn't even remember Earl Woods was dead! So yes, the nation's foremost former Buick salesman thought it appropriate to use his father's voice to begin his image-rehabilitation campaign. The image that was destroyed when it turned out he had lots and lots of sex with women who weren't his wife. The image that was solely used, again, to sell products--Tiger was always dareIsay Barry O.-like in his ability to be both inoffensive and hyper-famous at the same time. Which is perfect for selling anything! Who knows, perhaps the elder Woods would have approved of this, his son's desperate attempt to go back to being a top-level celebrity endorser.

(Probably not making my core point clear, which is that everything we knew about Tiger Woods pre-lechery was from television commercials, since he was never self-revealing in interviews and such. That's why this scandal is so fascinating, since it involves a guy who sold stuff using an incredibly bland image matched with once-in-a-generation golf skills. Now his image is decidedly unbland, and yet he still wants to pitch stuff.)

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