Monday, April 12, 2010

STUMBLING TOWARDS JAPANESE DEMOCRACY: Karel van Wolferen thinks we're in a crucial period for Japan to really move past one-party rule. Or rule by the unelected Yamagata institutions. Via Japan without the sugar.

This part here reminded me of somebody:

A new consciousness had spread through the public in 1993. Drastic changes were not only desirable but also possible. It became common for prominent political figures, commentators and businessmen, to reiterate in their speeches and writing the desirability of fundamental political reform. Such a promise seemed to come close to fulfillment with the surprise election of Koizumi as president of the Jiminto (LDP). But he, the first celebrity and TV star prime minister of Japan, turned out to be only a fake reformer, thus proving the point that the Jiminto with all its encrusted relationships and habits would have to be shoved aside for attempting a truly new beginning in Japanese politics.

(Still don't hate Barry O. Still think anyone saying worse than or as bad as Bush is insane. Style is substantial, and he at least has style. Still mistrust most of his opponents. But daaaamn he hasn't changed too much that needed changing.)

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