Wednesday, June 30, 2010

CERTAINLY ANOTHER DATA POINT RE: WHY PLAYBOY IS AMONG YOUR VERY WORST PUBLICLY-TRADED INVESTMENT CHOICES: Olivia Munn strongly encouraged to show naughty bits at Playboy shoot. Despite a signed contract which stated the naughty bits were off-limits. Yeah, this is probably their standard operating procedure for recalcitrant models, that they just forgot to turn off in Munn's presence. And--leaving aside the morality of the situation--isn't signing celebrities to non-nude contracts a form of brand destruction for a skin mag? I mean when you pick up a Playboy, you expect the lady on the cover to be in all her photoshopped (used to be airbrushed) glory on the inside. 

Note that you can understand Munn is a wronged party here, while still acknowledging her career thus far has been based on good looks and a gift for self-promotion, and not much more. Perhaps the Daily Show has recognized additional potential in her, or perhaps she's a great networker--we shall see.

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