Wednesday, June 16, 2010

YES, YOU CAN UNFOLLOW CHIP BROWN NOW: This is laughable. "Oh, it wasn't Texas that screwed up the Pac-10 deal at the last second--it was that darn Larry Scott!" Ridiculous, absurd, of use only to the most diehard burnt orange types with a reflexively need to see their institution always in the right, etc. He actually has A&M as the first "winner" of this debacle. A&M. Who lost more than anyone in all this. And Beebe is a winner too! Who looks more ineffectual and powerless than ever. One of his losers is Colorado, which only true if indentured servitude makes one a winner. Curiously he leaves out Nebraska from his winners and losers--perhaps because Austin's own Comical Ali could not figure out a way to make that move into a loser.

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