Friday, June 25, 2010

THIS WEIGEL THING JUST FLOORS ME: Seriously--this rises to the level of fireable offenses? (Or resignable, the shitheads accepted his resignation so, you know, same difference.) The statistically insignificant chance that I would ever link approvingly to something Mark Ambinder wrote approvingly has just become true:

Weigel is best described as an anti-denialist. He hates stupid people and stupid human tricks and stupid political consultants. He's developed a natural rapport with conservatives because he says what he thinks.  I was a member of the now defunct Journolist group. I'm also a voracious consumer of Dave Weigel's tweets. And I can tell you that nothing he wrote on the list was more outre than what he Tweeted.

As a fellow Weigel twitter fan I concur. And did you catch this thing from the WaPo's ombudsman? "But the bigger loss is The Post’s standing among conservatives." Dude. The WaPo doesn't have any standing among conservatives--that's why this has become an issue.

And a big ol' insolvent eff you to the folks at Fishbowl DC for publishing this shit in the first place, knowing it was only publishable because Weigel worked at the Post and they could generate the sweet hits from movement conservatives flying their LIBRULMEDIABIAS freak flags. Even though Weigel is not at all a liberal. He's just insufficiently conservative, so for a certain class of AM radio cretin that makes him a liberal. And those are the cretins the WaPo management fears, not the actual liberals who might be their audience, but, you know, aren't anymore. Who are they left with? "Liberals" of the Tom Friedman type. That's no way to run a newspaper.

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