Tuesday, June 08, 2010

MESSAGE BOARDS I AM MONITORING FOR EXPANSION NEWS: Don't want to think--just want to hear chatter:

The national and Rutgers Rivals boards. Pretty high signal-to-noise ratio but some good nuggets.

For some reason the Big East expansion sub-board on NCAA BBS is very active (other parts of NCAA BBS seem to be dead.) Good discussion.

Found a Buffs board and a Mizzou board that I like.

Twitter people I am following: CFTalk, Pete Thamel, Chip Brown, Dan Wetzel.

One odd idea I am hearing is that a Notre Dame condition for going to the Big Ten is the Big Ten stopping with ND, or at least not taking any more Big East schools with them. Because ND doesn't want to break up the Big East. Because they care. Sounds incredibly unlikely, but if true it would force me to reevaluate an adulthood full of Domer loathing.

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