Friday, January 18, 2002

GUERILLA-STYLE DEBATING: Here's where I pick up the fight I started with Megan McArdle like weeks ago now that the bone of contention --this Peter Bagge cartoon-- is finally online. I, again, do not detect an anti-redneck bias, just the usual Bagge bemused hatred for his subjects. Actually, I think I brought this up just so I could point people to checking out Bagge's stuff; he's like the greatest comics mind of his generation. Or something. Megan didn't find it funny, but I, like Cal Ulmann, thought it was funny, if just because it was true. But I think Bagge was just doing straight reporting on a funny subject (though I think the way he draws is inherently amusing); I'm glad I know there's a Christian pop culture parallel universe, so if I ever wander into it --well, at least I'll know where I am.

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