Wednesday, January 30, 2002

SPEAKING OF NORTH KOREA: I understand Bush knocking Iraq (evil dictator, paranoid Stalinist state) and Iran (they've been on that Death-To-America kick for years, it's only fair we return the favor) but isn't North Korea only a danger to itself, what with that weird state religion and poverty and everything? Isn't it obviously about to teeter over --just like that hotel in Pyongyang? Which, of course, is a problem; if North Korea collapses, as this article suggests, it might drag down South Korea, which in turn will drag down Japan. (Though perhaps some people in Pyongyang are smartening up.) But unless they're worried about the North Korean state going out in a blaze of glory or something, I don't see how it can rank very high on our radar, unless they know something we don't. Weren't people eating their shoe leather there during the last famine?

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