Thursday, January 24, 2002

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS BECOMING LESS STRANGE: Here's the New York Times on the right-left alliance opposing cloning. In Postrelian terminology that alliance would be called statist, I'm guessing. This is what she's talking about, right? Stuff like this:

Daniel Perry, who as executive director of the Alliance for Aging Research, a patient advocacy group, is a strong proponent of research cloning, says the issue requires "looking past simplistic liberal versus conservative labels" to how people view biotechnology.

"If you are optimistic about the daily revelation of new tools and new insights into biology, if you see that as an upward march toward a release of suffering, you will" favor cloning for research, Mr. Perry said. Opponents, he said, "see it as people losing control to scientists and other technocrats."

Statism versus dynamism seems like pessimism versus optimism, but I wonder if this is always true.

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