Thursday, January 17, 2002

LIBS GET THE LADIES: Via the null device, here's an article from the National Post about which political stances get the chicks. Apparently hot artsy-fartsy girls go out with sensitive liberals, and hot artsy-fartsy girls seems to be the only female type the author, Andy Lamey, is concerned with. Maybe those are the only girls who live in Toronto? I mean, there's gotta be somebody going for the conservative guys, maybe an Ann Coulter type.

He also lumps libertarians in with the right while he's getting indoctrinated into libertarian thought at a seminar; here's a quote to cheese you off:

Every political movement has a crazed relative hidden away in the attic, dementedly pounding away on a piano while muttering strange remarks only they understand; the aunt or uncle so embarrassing they need to be kept away from outsiders. On the left, this role has been filled at different times by hard-core Maoists, weird art-school radicals, and a really irritating German guy named Theodor Adorno. On the right, it will always be Ayn Rand.

Tee hee. This article is also my first introduction to Critical Review, a libertarian scholarly journal whose contents do not appear to be on-line. Kind of like Vanity Fair.

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