Thursday, November 28, 2002

MIAMI CRAPPY SPORTS TOWN: So says Linda Robertson in the Miami Herald:

Fact is, we're no closer to Chicago or Detroit or Boston than we were in 1985. We've got the clubs. We lack the devotion. We don't care, unless one of our teams is stocked for a World Series title, as the Marlins were in 1997, or becomes a trendy thing, as the plucky Panthers were in 1996.

Our climate promotes languidity, not energetic cheering or endless analysis of the Knicks curse. The rootlessness of our populace means kids won't grow up hearing tales of Brian Skrudland.

Plus, Miami is the poorest big city in the country. People are too busy working. Like Los Angeles, another lousy sports town, Miami is a city of immigrants. Dominicans surely root for Sammy Sosa, but they have no idea who Ruth Riley is. Asking a Cuban to embrace ice hockey is like asking a Siberian to follow the surfing circuit. The idea of tapping the Hispanic market for baseball and soccer proved a bust.


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