Thursday, November 07, 2002

NO CONTEST: Was the movie I saw last night on cable and it's notable for the high-concept casting of Roddy Piper, Shannon Tweed and Andrew Dice Clay in the same Die Hard retread which suffers from not having Alan Rickman as the bad guy (though the Diceman is still entertaining in this role) but Shannon Tweed is about a zillion times less obnoxious than Bruce Willis--so it evens out. Roddy mows down a bunch of people before he dies, I guess he had it in his contract that he needed a big body count if he was going to get pasted by Shannon Tweed twice during this thing. Plus there's Robert Davi in this too, and you might not know the name but you probably know the face--it's one of the classic bad complexion faces that you always recognize on teevee. A novel B-movie, though not as good as you'd think given the cast.

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