Thursday, November 21, 2002

YOUR BILL SIMMONS QUOTE OF THE DAY: From his recent column on why being a sports fan today is so much better than being a sports fan in the 70s:

So you're stuck with local newspapers and sportscasters covering the local teams. Which is fine … until you move. Now you're riveted to Mel Allen's "This Week in Baseball," hoping for a feature on your team. You pray ABC books your boys on "Monday Night Football." You scour national magazines, relishing even the most meaningless nuggets about your team. Eventually, you're forced over to the Dark Side -- the Cowboys, Steelers, Dodgers, Lakers, Knicks, Yankees -- just because they're always on TV. You've given up. You've sold your soul.

I don't get the Dodgers and Steelers being included in the Dark Side--maybe they were on tv a lot more in the 70s. Otherwise it's a perfect representation of every purely evil American sports franchise.

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