Thursday, November 21, 2002

YOUR PETER BAGGE QUOTE OF THE DAY: From this interview, answering the "Is Comics Art?" question:

I really, honestly, and truly do not care if people think it's an art form or not... I mean, I think I'm an artist, but if there's somebody out there that doesn't think I'm an artist, but is still buying my comic -- well, what the heck do I care whether if the guy thinks I'm an artist or not? He's still buying what I'm making and reading it. That's really all I care about. It's just a given: if they're buying it, they're getting something out of it; they're liking it. So whether they consciously perceive what I'm doing as art or not, it's almost irrelevant. To me, art is anything that a human being creates that is meant to express something. And that could be a video game. Y'know what I mean? It could be a Sunday funny. It could be a superhero comic. Like there's art that I like. There's art that I hate. There's art that I think is good. And art that I think is bad. But it's ALL art. I really don't understand why people say that something is art and something isn't.

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