Wednesday, November 27, 2002

PEOPLE I NO LONGER HAVE TO IMAGINE NAKED: Tia Carrere in the new Playboy. Oh yes. I mean, I haven't seen it yet but Playboy celebrity layouts tend to stink, not being particularly provocative but also not even rising to the level of faux artiness, like Norman Rockwell porn or something. But that's probably unfair to Norman Rockwell. It's on some level like those inoffensive statues you see in shopping malls--that's what Playboy celebrity layouts are like. But, I mean, it's Tia Carrere. Does this mean her career is in the dumper? Has anyone ever successfully resuscitated a career by being in Playboy? I can't think of anybody. On the other hand, when somebody's made their Hollywood career off their looks the Playboy thing is probably a logical culmination of years of being almost-naked in Wayne's World and syndicated teevee, all leading up to maximum value for Tasteful Nudity in the Hefner mag. I'm sure Tia is that Machiavellian. Uh-huh.

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