Monday, September 06, 2004

I BLOG THE BODY ELECTRIC: Yeah yeah yeah yeah--big fancy blog post title, but what's it mean, junior? Well, nothing.

Tomorrow, and all Tuesdays for the rest of my life:

Histology Lab: 8 A.M.
Biochem: 9:30
Microbio: 11
Histology: 1:30
Genetics: 3 --And to give you a taste of why it's always bad to back to school as an adult, I give you Genetics 101. Your big lecture class. All bio majors have to take it but they usually take it early on, which is why this class is so huge. So it's all these young people and my ancient arse and a few of my fellow ancients. I know that--as a teacher--there are a limited number of ways of motivating a bunch of young people to try and study something that they're being forced to take, or they're too immature to apply themselves to, or they're too timid in a youthful way to embarass themselves by talking in class. Fine. That's great. But if your solution is that you throw a piece of crumpled up paper into the class and whoever it hits has to answer your questions--I mean, I don't think they teach that in educational seminars.

But my point is, I would have been so much better at dealing with this when I was younger. I would have resented it--like I do now--but I would've played along. I may have even enjoyed throwing the paper. If you get the question right you get to throw the paper next--did I mention that? Now I just recognize it for what it is: a huge imposition upon my dignity. Oh yes.

Our professor justifies himself by saying it absolves him of all blame so he's not picking on anyone, nyuck nyuck nyuck. Whatever helps you to sleep at night. Wait--that's too harsh. It's all tongue in cheek if you're googling me, Professor!

So tonight I sleep at a reasonable hour, so that I may wake at an unreasonable one.

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