Saturday, September 11, 2004

RANDOM POLITICAL POINTS: While I watch Boise State-Oregon State on the big blue field.

Obsidian Hilzoy: Why would a conservative vote for Bush? There isn't really a good reason.

Josh Marshall and Kevin Drum are being Reasonable People on the Bush document thing. Matt Yglesias is keeping an open mind and reopened his comments to prove it. I'm going with: 1. The documents are real. 2. The White House knew they were coming at eventually, so they made sure they had an elaborate forgery defense at the ready. My evidence for this is the fact that the White House is completely silent, while the right-wing MACHINE~! is all a-whirling. When it's something that the White House doesn't expect, as in the Plame affair, the White House is still silent, but the Machine is quieter as well. And, as the Yglesias thread points out, CBS is really not backing down.

I really like this Pudentilla comment in the Yglesias thread:

I think Rather's got more. I think he's playing chicken with Karl. I think he's playing the WH for chumps and willing to take the flack from the wingnuts and bloggers, hoping Karl will take the bait. I think Rather's got a source who won't go public unless X happens (and X if someone in the WH directly lying). If Karl bites (i.e., if the WH takes a stand on authenticity) I think rather will unload. If Karl doesn't bit, they're going to be stories every day until the Kitty Kelley book comes out. The CBS version of the stories will begin with questions about Bush's service in the TANG, not with questions about kerning.

"Kerning." And now I can be Googled for kerning.

And what's with all the Rather hate this is stirring up? At least Rather has been likable in his pomposity, unlike Brokaw and Jennings.

Boise State won by like twenty. I love it when a non-BCS team destroys a BCS team.

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