Wednesday, September 08, 2004


--DA ranks the NBA in terms of how all the teams did in the offseason, which I guess I miss when he first did it in July. He's another Jazz fan, putting them in first place and leaving all Boozer morality questions out of it. The completely imploded Nets are last, of course.

--The Chamique Holdsclaw mystery deepens. Maybe I'm a horrible sexist pig, but when these "mystery ailment" questions started coming up, I assumed it was something gynecological that a lady would be embarassed to talk about. But since it's been going on for so long maybe it's something more mundane and drug-induced.

--US vs. Panama tonight in World Cup qualifier action. Live on Fox Sports World if you're one of the lucky ducks with it.

--Canada vs. Slovakia in hockey World Cup quarterfinals on my tv right now. 0-0 after one, which is surprising. I think the Slovakian goaltender is ON tonight, as they say.

I have reached the natural limits of this post.

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