Monday, September 13, 2004

OH MAN: The first glorious NFL Sunday of the new season. I had it on in the background at work on the little black and white tv. Some things did please me:

--The Roethlisberger team won.

--The Eli Manning team lost.

--The Lions won in what looked to be a crazy game from the highlights.

Other things were just interesting, like the Joe Gibbs Redskins starting off with a bang, the Browns beating the Ravens, the Testaverde-led Cowboys going down like you knew they would. Because of my nutty work/school schedule, I'm not going to get to enjoy this season in any kind of DirecTV Sunday-obsessive kind of way. But at least there's broadcast NFL, proof the No Fun League hasn't sold out the common man quite yet.

Switching tracks: My current opinion is that the documents are, in fact, for real. I mean, why hasn't the White House bothered to deny them yet? There's no way to tell if they're fake or not. Or if the copies are copies of fakes or not. I think it's more of the "shore up the base" stuff, because people who are against Bush already know he was a crappy national guardsman. Those famous swing voters aren't going to swing over whether these documents are forgeries or not. No, the only people whose opinion could possibly be changed by these documents being exposed as being for real are the people who are on Bush's side who were very willing to trash Kerry over the severity of one (I think) of his Purple Hearts but would be feeling intensely hypocritical if their boy was exposed as an actual duty-shirker, in writing, because their support for him is somewhat tenuous as it is.

So--taking as my axiom "Who gains if they are forgeries?" and being convinced that there is no irrefutable evidence to suggest they are forgeries, I, Justin Slotman, have concluded that they are real actual copies of military documents. Read my words and tremble, ye Internet.

And now I return to mundane life, where I cannot wield a keyboard like I can in cyberland. Oh! The sad life of a blogger, Peter Parker most of the time, and Spider-Man only a few posts a day. But that spider-sense--man, it never stops tingling. It. Never. Stops. Tingling. MJ--MJ--rub my feet, MJ.....

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