Friday, January 04, 2002

THE ANDREWSULLIVAN.COM REDESIGN: Man, I think this'll take some getting used to. Look at it. The text box is on the right now, and I, being an English speaker and thus wanting to read left to right, want my text box on the left. Now, obviously, my own page has the links on the left and the text on the right as well, but I don't have the split-screen style that Andrew and kausfiles have. And if you're going to go that route, I think having the text on the left ensures that you read the good stuff first and then surf the links after. It's the way I want to read things, anyhow. Maybe it's sort of an ideological web design choice on Andrew's part, putting the text box firmly on the right.

Speaking of kausfiles, he provides the link to this Jimmy Breslin column with this line: "We know how we acted in New York and doubt if it could happen anyplace else." Followed by this line: "A woman from the University of Richmond, a psychologist of the South, said, "If this was a NASCAR crowd, there would be panic." So even in moments of national tragedy the citizens of New York are still better than the rest of us. As kausfiles says, "There is some kind of clinical condition here. Even contemplating one of New York's proudest moments, Breslin can only achieve civic self-esteem by claiming superiority over those dumb rednecks." All this reminds me of this amazing anti-NYC rant from Boomer on the ConMack site which, I warn you, is not for the faint of heart.

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