Wednesday, January 02, 2002

BIN LADEN STILL LIVING: WorldNetDaily points out this ABC News story about the hunt for Mullah Omar and bin Laden, which has this little item:

Meanwhile, an intercepted phone call from Iran suggests that bin Laden is still alive — if not in the best of health.

A senior military official told ABCNEWS the communications, intercepted over the past few days, used a code word for the accused terrorist mastermind, and suggested "you should keep [bin Laden] off of the television. He looks bad, he looks sick and it is demoralizing to his people."

That's to be expected --I think he needs dialysis to live. But why is Iran talking up bin Laden? I thought they hated the Taliban, and the puritanical Wahabbi stuff. Maybe it was just sort of a friendly suggestion, and they went into makeup tips next.

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