Monday, January 14, 2002

MEDIA CONSPIRACY THEORY: New York Times article hinting at secret Apple-Time magazine agreement to promote the iMac. Gawd, I bought the old iMac and it sucked; I never had a computer inexplicably lock up on me more than that thing. Never again. Anyway, a while back Andrea See wrote me about why The Economist never tells you who's writing the articles there: to protect journalistic integrity, so people aren't influenced by advertisers or whoever. Now I have no problem with Time throwing a puff piece to an advertiser, I just wish they'd admit they were doing it out of non-journalistic motivations. I mean, does objectivity really sell magazines? Foxnews doesn't claim to be objective and they do fine. But maybe Time admitting their we're-just-trying-to-sell-copies bias is a little different than Foxnews admitting their conservative bias.

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