Friday, January 11, 2002

NEW REPUBLIC PICKS UP ENRON: Yes they do. They have a similar take as The Economist's:

....Democrats want to use Enron as a vehicle for a broader indictment of the White House. They hope to link people's perceptions of the company--a secretive, arrogant, anti-worker institution that hid its cooked budget numbers with good p.r.--to their perceptions of the Bush administration. And in that way, Democrats hope to cast the White House as beholden to corporate fat cats once again--a perception they think was catching on before September 11.

This Enron thing seems to be more about perception than anything else. They also revive older stories about Enron's Kenneth Lay trying to influence White House energy policy.

Also on The new TRB, with Peter Beinart on South Africa's cretinous AIDS policy.

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