Monday, January 14, 2002

OLD IDEA NEEDING CONSUMERS: Drudge links to this tiny little Reuters story about a South Korean brewery making plans to market a gelatin-liquor. Like a Jello shot? I dunno; maybe it'll be more like those weird Chinese candies that were spotted at the Costco by my brother recently; they taste like peaches and sort of have the consistency of an apple or a underripe peach, except, of course, they're completely uniform and lacking the internal structure of an actual piece of fruit. Weird but good. If you see a plastic bucket with Chinese lettering filled with individually-wrapped gumdrop-shaped things about the size and color of egg yolks, you'll know what I'm talking about. Anyhow, I think the knock against Jello shots is that they get you too drunk too fast --which is why they are so beloved by drunken and trying-to-get-you-drunk fratboys, and also why I think nobody's tried something like this before. Unless they have, in which case I am just some guy with a weblog. But I guess this brewery's business strategy will be a. marketing to fratboys or b. cutting back on the liquor content so non-alcoholics embrace them.

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