Wednesday, January 02, 2002

ON AND PERON: Yes, Argentina has its fifth president in two weeks. The new guy wants to ditch the free market. Well, okay. Doesn't a situation like this call for something drastic? I have no idea what a good short-term solution would be; the new guy is prmising a ton of public works projects. Andrew Hofer has a ton of analysis on his blog.

Andrew also tells of his impending move from Blogger. Now I am an HTML simp; without Blogger I have no blog. But --as Ev himself pointed out on the main page-- Blogger was named one of the "seven wonders of the web" by the Guardian. So maybe I don't have to worry; maybe Blogger means enough to Ev that he'll keep it up and everything, despite the nefarious Christmas attack on it. Maybe he'll find a good business model. I know for me Blogger means not having to know/deal with HTML, and there's probably a lot of other people out there like that. Blogger means convenience, and if you can provide convenience, you've got something. I ramble; my point is, I can't see Blogger going down anytime soon, as it's definitely filling a need.

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