Wednesday, January 02, 2002

PAT BUCHANAN BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH: Drudge brings the details on Pat Buchanan's latest volume, The Death Of The West. Immigrants and welfare states cause Europe's demise --which, I mean, he's probably right about the stifling effects of welfare states. Is it me, or is Pat Buchanan the version of Bill O'Reilly who takes himself seriously? No wonder Foxnews is winning. Anyway, the books seems to be about the non-proliferation of white people in the world. And other things; Drudge says that Pat says that "Islam has already surpassed Catholicism as the largest religion on earth." Which, of course, ignores spilts within Islam and makes Catholicism a separate entity from Christianity. But then Drudge makes Catholicism part of Christianity in the next paragraph, so this could just be Drudge being inaccurate. My own little peeve is, and I doubt I'll change anyone's mind about this, is that I hate American being lumped in with "the West." "The West" means California to me. Americans are Westerners (West Europeans) the way Romans were Greeks --to pick a no-doubt Swiss-cheese holey historical parallel. America owes a lot to the West but dang if it isn't Something Else. Well, I think so.

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