Friday, January 04, 2002

REYNOLDS BRINGS PETERS: Glenn has the link to new Ralph Peters in Opinionjournal. Ralph says, in regards to the Bush administration:

This is an oilman's administration, and long affiliation with energy affairs appears to have blinded an otherwise-superb strategic team to the abundant, well-documented evidence. Far from examining Saudi Arabia's deep and extensive complicity in supporting terror and undermining secular regimes throughout the Muslim world and beyond, the administration reflexively defends the Saudis. I do not believe the administration is intentionally dishonest--only that ties to the oil business and a half-century's assumptions prevent it from facing up to Saudi Arabia's support for, and funding of, the cruelest, most benighted and hate-filled version of one of the world's great religions.

He goes on to call Saudi Arabia the worst of both words as far as his arguments on stability versus instability go, and lists the various countries they're mucking around in (and he gives Indonesia a slight chance for continued existence as a nation, unlike his Parameters piece, where he gave it none.) Read, enjoy.

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