Monday, January 14, 2002

WOOHOO: New Postrel. Virginia is not a daily blogger but she makes up for it by putting up completely quality posts. She brings the level-headedness to blog hysteria, just like you knew she would:

Bloggers have been getting pretty meta lately, writing a lot about the virtues and evolution of this medium. On her site, Joanne Jacobs offers some history, with reader assistance ("Creation of Blogworld"), and links to some blog-related items elsewhere ("Orwell's Bloggers"), with a wistful consideration of the possibility of micropayments-per-read. (It's not going to happen, although here's an alternative model that might work.) Joanne writes more as a reporter than as an advocate.

More typical are the blog promoters. Andrew Sulivan, for instance, brags "Tina Brown's Talk magazine has around the same number of subscribers per month that we have as [sic] visits." Glenn Reynolds goes him one better. His TechCentral Station column proclaims that "what is really going on is something much more profound: it's the end of the power of Big Media." It's the Reformation, says Glenn, citing Jim Bennett of UPI. Glenn is great, but this is ridiculous.

Read the whole post, of course. The Scene page is like two-thirds new stuff today. I note that she notes that somebody in A Beautiful Mind had their institution changed from Rutgers (where the guy actually went to) to Harvard (where Hollywood wants you to think he went to). What a load of crap.

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