Saturday, March 09, 2002

I KEEP FORGETTING TO MENTION THIS: But the DVDVR Playaz have the road report up of last Saturday's ECWA Super 8 up. The Super 8 is an annual tournament held in a church meeting hall in Newport, Delaware that showcases some of the best talent on the indy wrestling scene; it was as great this year as ever. Even the battle royal was good --won by Prince Nana, who has a pompous African prince gimmick and was totally funny throughout in the cowardly heel role, he spent most of the match avoiding the other competitors and won by having his manager distract the last guy in the ring, last year's Super 8 champ Low-Ki, while Nana came around and dumped him out of the ring-- though the Scoot Andrews-Billy Fives ladder match for the title was laughable. Low-Ki sure beat the crap out of idiot-gimmick king Japanese Pool Boy though. The Xavier-A.J. Styles match was top of the line. People say jazz is the only native American artform but professional wrestling is surely another one.

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