Saturday, March 09, 2002

MOVIES: What if you made a movie and nobody came? Would said movie still be said to exist? Gawd this looks stinky:

Running late to meet his wife and young son at a downtown high-rise, he witnesses a catastrophic bomb blast kill his family before his eyes. The explosion is credited to "The Wolf," an infamous rebel leader in Colombia's decades-long civil war. The intended targets were members of the Colombian consulate and American intelligence agents. Gordy's wife and child are considered "collateral damage," innocent people who lost their lives for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Gordy's only consolation is the hope that justice will prevail for the loss of his family.

Of course justice isn't happening and Arnold has to track down The Wolf, who I doubt will replace the Harvey Keitel version from Pulp Fiction in the public consciousness. Give it up Arnold clap clap clapclapclap. If this movie was popular we'd see endless criticisms as it probably plays fast and loose with the facts in Columbia and our presence there and the War on Drugs and all, but it isn't so we have nothing of that nature to read. This probably qualifies as a conservative movie too, just not any you'd want to watch on purpose. But I proably shouldn't pan it just because Eraser was terrible so no more.

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