Monday, March 18, 2002

WRESTLEMANIA: Was a kind of okay show. The Rock-Hogan match was the highlight of the show, even though Vince decided he needed a crowd-reaction-free Triple H-Jericho match as the main event. Which, I mean, should be the main event as it was for the title and all, so maybe that couldn't be helped. The Rock-Hogan thing was done as sort of changing of the guard thing, with old guy Hogan passing the torch to Rocky. The Toronto crowd was completely in Hogan's corner for most of the match, up until the point where Rocky kicked out of the Hogan legdrop and everybody was astonished. I was thinking, "finally, somebody kicked out of that stupid legdrop." Both guys played to their strengths --getting the crown involved is both of their basic strengths-- and it was a fun match to watch, even for a Hogan hater like myself. Thankfully Steve Austin beat Scott Hall, so we won't be seeing another "NWO gets all the wins" saga like we saw in the good times/infuriating times glory days of WCW. The always great jdw has his thoughts up.

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