Friday, March 08, 2002

WAR STORY: That Don't Be A Shamed fella provides the link to this story about a soldier (from New Jersey) who risked life and limb to get the right position on a bunch of Al Qaeda types who kept jumping out of their cave and taunting him and his troops. It's a neat little story, reminding me of the kind of thing I might have read in G.I. Combat when DC was still publishing an honet-to-god war comic. Or some of those EC Frontline Combat reprints, or the Wayne Vansant stuff I read during the eighties black and white comics craze. Something where it took actual wit and ingenuity to solve a problem, like Batman in his Sherlock Holmes mode but at war. Those G.I. Combats were great because they were cheap, they were 80 pages, and they involved a tank in World War II that was haunted by the ghost of Jeb Stuart. Very great, if I remember it all right.

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