Wednesday, January 21, 2004

DEAR HOWARD: All the hack pundits on teevee last night are saying you're toast and John Kerry is the frontrunner now because he won Iowa. I don't believe them. You're still my boy because of things like the concession speech and the telling off the old guy and the way you yelled "SECURITY!" when the LaRouche people were messing up your speech yesterday: because you are one unscripted motherfucker who is running for president because you--Howard Dean--are absolutely convinced you are the best man for the job. You're not naked ambition like Kerry. You're not well-intentioned but lacking a certain fire in the belly like Clark and Edwards. Like all doctors--or most doctors; sorry, Maria--you have a pretty strong belief in your own intellectual abilities and this is going to get you into trouble sometimes. But I'm still going to vote for you if you're there in November.

Even if this doesn't work out just remember your wife is far cooler than any of their wives for not even faking an interest in politics. Unlike that Heinz woman--who seems to fit in well with my Kerry=Ambition And Not Much Else theory--and the deer-in-the-headlightsish Laura Bush. And Judith is smarter too. And I don't think you should try to browbeat her into coming with you to campaign stops either. Your campaign was started on principle and if it has to end on principle so be it, even if this would be a good time for a doctor husband/doctor wife powwow with the media.

Anyway, good luck in the debate tomorrow. Just try and go a little more positive and don't get too mad when Kerry takes your ideas and you'll be fine.


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