Friday, January 16, 2004

REPORTS ON THE BIG WIESY ARE IN: I get the feeling people are cutting her some slack--note the constant "She's ONLY FOUR-TEEN!" in the reports--but everything I've read says that her 72 is respectable, although she has little chance at making the cut. This quote--from the AP story--was amusing:

Jesper Parnevik had a 65, and when told what Wie shot, his expression went from amazement to relief.

"That was my first goal today, to beat her," Parnevik said. "That's something you would hear about forever. Annika is one thing. But if you have a 14-year-old girl ..."

Note the differences between Annika and Wie:

When Sorenstam missed the cut, she said didn't belong on the PGA Tour.

Wie doesn't feel the same way.

"I think I learned that I can play here, but I have to work harder on my game to be in the winner's circle," Wie said. "I never felt out of place."

And looking at the highlights last night it seems to me like she's right--there were a couple of makeable putts that she missed. No golf fan I; she's more interesting for being part of the LeBron/Adu/Wie teenage phenomenon triumvirate who have suddenly caught on, apparently via word of mouth--sans marketing or promotion. I do not have an explanation for their status as phenomenons, or why all three are coming up right now. Lemme think about it before I issue my grand cultural explanation, from atop the highest peak in Blogistan.

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