Thursday, January 15, 2004

YOUR "PATHETIC KNICKS" POST OF THE DAY: Lenny Wilkens hired as new head coach. The Post says it pretty well:

Isiah found one of the only guys who managed to lose more games than Chaney last season. Wilkens, 66, guided talented - but injury-plagued - Toronto to a 24-58 record before getting fired in what figured to be his final stint on the bench. Thomas still gave him what's believed to be a four-year deal.

Wilkens is known for his mellow personality, which resembles Chaney's, and his light practices. Wilkens was accused by insiders of running a "country-club atmosphere" in Toronto. Charles Oakley was said to be a big detractor and, ironically, showed up for last night's game. Vince Carter also ripped Wilkens when he was fired.

The upside is that Wilkens is from Brooklyn, out of Boys High, and Thomas feels his "relationship with [Stephon] Marbury will be very important in his maturity and continued growth." Wilkens' career record is 1,292-1,114.

So even though Don Chaney had a better record with comparable talent last year--and Lenny, by sheer intertia, has more wins and losses than anybody else--Lenny gets the job because he's from New York and he's be sure to pull a Hubie and turn young Stephon around. Never minding that Stephon was a model citizen during his time in Phoenix. BRILLIANT!

UPDATE: Marty Burns has more. Via Sportsfrog. I guess Isiah thinks if he puts enough New Yorkers on the court the silly Knicks fans will start filling up the Garden again. Poor li'l Knicks fans, always looking for that saviour....

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