Monday, January 05, 2004

SAAAAAAY: Why don't the non-BCS conferences just form their own playoffs? Huh? Some network is going to want to televise that. It's be an upstart American Football League to the ossified, changeophobic college football teams that form the BCS. Somebody get Scott Cowen on the line--he'll love this. We'll take the five non-BCS champions (plus the Big East champ whenever the BCS kicks them out) and the next three teams as determined by the media/coaches/formula/whoever. Granted, it'll be a hard sell in the beginning when you're pitting Miami of Ohio against North Texas and TCU against Utah in the opening rounds--actually, those are games that I'd watch, but I'm a freak.

But the BCS isn't going to change on its own--the issue must be forced. C'mon, non-BCS! SECEDE! America loves wide-ranging national playoffs, and college football needs a big old kick in the butt. Let's do this.

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