Friday, January 09, 2004

FROM THE HALL OF BIZARRE SPORTS INTERVIEWS: Karl Malone interviews Michelle Kwan. Saturday night on ABC! Right before the long programs for the US Championship.

The standings going into the long programs:

1. Sasha Cohen, Orange County FSC
2. Michelle Kwan, Los Angeles FSC
3. Jennifer Kirk, The SC of Boston
4. Angela Nikodinov, All Year FSC
5. Amber Corwin, All Year FSC
6. Ann Patrice McDonough, Broadmoor SC
7. Beatrisa Liang, All Year FSC
8. Alissa Czisny, St. Clair Shores FSC
9. Jennifer Don, Texas Gulf Coast FSC
10. Alexandra Patterson, St. Clair Shores FSC
11. Jane Bugaeva, SC of North Carolina 12
12. Aanya Reiten, Lakewood Winter Club
13. Andrea Gardiner, Houston FSC
14. Danielle Kahle, All Year FSC
15. Stephanie Rosenthal, Utah FSC
16. Louann Donovan, The SC of Boston
17. Yebin Mok, All Year FSC
18. Suzy McDonald, SC of New York
19. Natalie Mecher, Wagon Wheel FSC
20. Erica Archambault, Colonial FSC
21. Felicia Beck, All Year FSC

Via Goldenskate. This could be the year Cohen finally beats Kwan. Which would not annoy me in the least; Sasha is absolutely unlike the screeching cretins who have beaten Kwan in the past. She doesn't screech, for one, and for another (and unlike Hughes/Lipinski but like Michelle) she seems like a gamer, somebody who'll be competing for awhile, not settling into Ice Capades (or whatever) at the age of 20.

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