Monday, January 12, 2004

"THIS IS CLASS WARFARE FOLKS": PrestoPundit on the Bush immigration plan:

This is class warfare folks, and the elite classes in America are after privileges and power they can't have without the moral power they gain from paternalistically "caring for" an ever growing poverty class -- and the material privileges they can enjoy from the dirt cheap labor immigrants can provide scrubbing the floors, cleaning the pools, raising the kids, building the second homes, clearing the tables and cleaning the toilets, etc. Who else is going to do this work for dirt cheap wages? These are jobs "America's Won't Do" at illegal alien wages -- and they are also blackmarket jobs which avoid all the the burdens of income or social security taxes, OSHA regulations, ADA regulations, and government regulatory paperwork of every sort imaginable, etc.

Via Gene Expression. Godless also links to this Steve Sailer piece. Steve thinks there are two explanation for the Bush plan:

1. This is just Dubya's usual mental vacuity.
2. Dubya is thinking in terms of the long-term Bush dynasty by going for the Mexican vote, a large Mexican population in America, and the eventual promotion of his half-Mexican nephew, George P. Bush, to the presidency.

You should really read the whole thing. Godless said: "I really hope Clark wins the nomination" and I'm starting to agree with him. I mean--I really love the whole Howard Dean schtich: the anger, the rapid-fire patter, the breathtaking doctor-like "I am sorry--but I am smarter than you" arrogance. It's hugely entertaining but possibly not chief executive material (though I'm perfectly ready to vote for him come election time). And he looked really dumb last night when Al Sharpton had to drag the horrible truth out of him that he had no black people in his cabinet. In Vermont! I may be getting on the Mark Kleiman draft-Clark bandwagon.

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