Saturday, February 25, 2006

BSG: DOWNLOADED: I already said most of what I wanted to say at Jim's place--but the opening of this episode is so amazing. First the rebirth of Caprica Six, who we haven't seen since the miniseries, the sudden Baltar appearance (teasing the "Baltar's a Cylon!" possibility) which is quickly proven to be a Baltar hallucination. Me, I think both hallucinations are just internal dialogues in C. Six and Baltar's heads, nothing more, which after listening to the podcast is also what I think Ron Moore thinks. But he can always change his mind about that.

And then the rebirth of Galactica Boomer! The one who was the most intriguing part of the first season. The one who blew up the water tanks and then found water and loved the Chief and got him to hate her and tried to kill herself and then Adama and basically had Cylonhood thrust upon her. Knowing all that about G. Boomer makes the look of horror on her face when she sees another Eight--and realizes that yes, she is, in fact, a Cylon, born from a machine, and every moment of her life on Galactica was a lie--that much richer.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

IRONY: Yes, irony. I think. If American Idol keeps beating figure skating in the ratings, it will mean Americans have turned away from something that started as a pseudocompetition and gradually evolved into an actual sport and switched to a blatantly subjective talent show. America: Keepin' It Fake Since Sonja Henje!