Monday, September 12, 2011

HAPPY DAY AFTER NYPD HATS DAY: Those hats go back in the closet and we remember the NYPD is a fairly awful institution again. Those hats, though, man--totally symbolic of all the office workers who lost their lives, many of whom--I'VE HEARD--were NOT EVEN AMERICANS.

(I complain, but those hats might be the only thing reminding people this is not yet another occasion to SUPPORT THE TROOPS/justify our various excursions and incursions worldwide. Without the hats the memorials are nothing but another set of American flags and then 9/11 becomes Successfully Conflate The Iraq War With Terrorist Attacks Day, otherwise known as Cheney Day.)

(This is as good a place as any to note a local firm is opening a new suit against Saudi Arabia for, you know, causing 9/11.)

(EDIT: Oh, and another great way to celebrate NYPD Hats Day is by racial profiling. "And NYPD Hats Day started off as an excuse to beat up the brown!" "'Tis true, and we took many a lump!" ALL IN GOOD FUN, AMERICA.)