Thursday, April 27, 2006

YET ANOTHER WAY TO CHEAPLY CATEGORIZE THE HUMAN RACE: Or at least the male gender. It's a movie thing. I was listening to sports radio on the way in today and they were talking about The Godfather for the the billionth time and I got to thinking, "Hey--Bill Simmons talks about The Godfather all the time." Funny thing is Simmons never talks about Star Wars. Well, not funny but interesting--a possible way to divvy up the male gender into types. So here it is: you're either a Star Wars male or a Godfather male. You'll rarely find a male subgroup that knows both movies by heart and works references from both into their daily conversation. That's the not-even-slightly substantiated theory I've posted on the Internet, anyway.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006


I'm three-quarters done with the Judith Rich Harris book that inspired Razib's post, by the way, and it's really great. She's an independant scholar, so she isn't tied down to one field and thus goes all over the scientific map to reason out her view of why people are different. Good good stuff, and paced and organized really well so there's some strong narrative drive to it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

THE MOST ANTICLIMACTIC FINAL FOUR EVER: Logically, if through the round of eight this was the greatest NCAA tournament ever--and many people thought it was--than this Final Four and Championship were quite the letdown. And they were. Three stinkers of athletic contests. No Gonzaga to root for. No George Mason to be an amazing story and make this must-see television. No, just two BCS programs fluking their way into the title game, and one just totally laying down in the championship. (Regarding the fluking, Billy Donovan admitted as much when he said after the Georgetown game that if they reran this tournament they'd get four different teams.) And a long-haired guy named Joe Kim. BAH.