Monday, January 16, 2006

AH, THE BIT OF INVESTIGATIVE JOURNALISM I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR: Somebody in Rolling Stone decided to explore Larry Wachowski's journey into weirdness (via Heidi MacDonald), which is the best explanation we're ever going to get for why the Matrix franchise turned to poo. It's not the greatest article ever--I would consider some of the sources unreliable, and the writer, Peter Wilkinson, throws this in near the end:

No matter what happens with Vendetta, Larry Wachowski has again demonstrated his willingness to take risks, to make movies as dangerous and transgressive as his life. V, the film's hero, isn't a crusading law enforcer. He's a terrorist. He blows up subways and buildings. Ever the working-class heroes, the Wachowskis are still challenging the system.

--suggesting he has no idea about the source material (and I think Alan Moore disavowed the film.) And there's hardly anything about Andy Wachowski, so I assume he did not do anything like what his brother did: left his wife for a dominatrix and gradually reinvented himself as a man in female garb. But the suddenly megarich Larry's sudden ability to blow tons of cash on expensive BDSM sessions seems to be what gradually robbed him of his artistic instincts, and why the Matrix lost so much of its power from sequel to sequel. It suggests Larry was sort of the driving force of the duo too, but I have no idea if that's true.

Friday, January 13, 2006

SNUPPY STILL A CLONE: Thank gosh. At least somebody got cloned around here.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

UMMM: What happened to Charles Murtaugh's blog?

UPDATE: Here's another suspicious blog--allegedly a Boston College fan blog (found via the ACC Basketblog--yes, I keep my friends close, and my enemies closer), it's now "milf seeker hardcore." With a similiar message: "blogger" retires, complaining about how stressful life is now and how things have changed, blah blah blah, with a few links thrown in to those "adult finder"-ish sites. Spammers must be seeking out dead blogs with incoming links, reregistering the URLs and setting them up as retired blogs instead of dead blogs.

This should be a lesson to anyone who uses blogspot: Don't delete your blog! I know you're retiring, but just say "I'm retiring" and let the Google aether preserve it for all eternity. Let the rest of us go back and read what you had to say, you know? Else your once-beloved URL will end up as so much spam fodder.

I think this may have happened to Blowhard's site as well, but I'm not sure.