Monday, May 16, 2011

DEPARTMENT OF ENTERTAINING THREADS ON OTHER PEOPLE'S BLOGS: The LGM thread on DSK--well I laughed. It starts with people thinking Dan Rather is being invoked and just goes up from there.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

DEPARTMENT OF SEWER MANAGEMENT: Did MattY finally dump his comments section? It was one of the blogosphere's more legendary sewers, probably because Matt rarely descended into them.

Monday, May 02, 2011

AS IF MILLIONS OF WARBLOGGERS SUDDENLY CRIED OUT IN RAPTURE, AND WERE DEFINITELY NOT SILENCED: Yeah, I mean, the modern political blogosphere has its origins in what OBL did, and now that he's dead, does it just go away? Course not! It's too much fun for all concerned. Much like the wars that were started in his name, the former warblogosphere will just keep churning along. One wonders what it would look like now, without a 9/11 to give Instapundit a whole lot of eyeballs right in the beginning. More corporate? Just as annoying but in a different way? Well, who can say. But you go to war with the blogosphere you have, as they say. So so long, OBL, and thanks for all the blogs.

My own personal reaction was something like faint bewilderment at the fact that people were celebrating this. I mean, I tried to recall my immediate post-9/11 "man, would I love to throw Osama off a skyscraper" anger but it was mostly gone. Guess a lot of people were not over it. Or else it was one of those spontaneous things where people happen to be out and the news starts to spread across people's phones and one's natural joy when something bad happens to a bad person gets amplified. I don't begrudge those college kids dancing in front of the White House one bit, they were quite young when 9/11 happened, they've known Osama as our number one boogeyman for most of their self-aware lives. Sure, it's bad form to celebrate anyone's death, but come on. Any New Yorker who wants to celebrate this, go crazy. Ignore the holier-than-thous in the audience. Yeah, the scold society was producing my least favorite reactions last night (not that they don't have a point, but last night I just didn't care to hear about it.)

Of course this is only important if it changes something other than Obama's reelection chances (and I was LOLing at him last night totally owning the operation that killed OBL. "Killing Osama? Yeah, that was my idea. And of course he did it on the 8 year anniversary of MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. He didn't even run against Dubya and he still found a way to posterize him.) Do I still have to take off my shoes at the airport? Are my choices still a groping or the porno scanner? (I'm still on Team Grope. At least then the embarrassment is potentially mutual.) Are we still bombing Afghan weddings? (Are we? Feel like it's been awhile since the last atrocity.) If we're still afraid at home and killing abroad this doesn't mean too much. And I'm still saving up for Amtrak tickets since the flying experience is so awful (they're pricey, but it's either rent a room and pay or do it cheap and sit in a chair for two straight days. I prefer to travel in both style and comfort when I do.)