Thursday, January 10, 2002

SLATE DIARY THIS WEEK: It's the travails of an immigration lawyer and it's real good. This comment stands out, I have no idea why:

Later in the day, I learn what makes America great: lefties. At the end of my meeting with client H., I write the date of his next appointment in my day planner. H.'s eyes light up: "You're writing with your left hand!" I acknowledge that I am, in fact, left-handed. In H.'s native Congo, apparently children are still strictly forbidden to write with their left hands. "There are so many left-handed people in America!" H. marvels. "Never in my life had I seen so many left-handed people until I came to America!"

I had no idea they were still forcing people to write with the non-sinister hand.

UPDATE: Yes, this is the third time I've said I had no idea in this post. Lousy stupid push-button posting for the people.....

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