Friday, October 18, 2002

COMICS CONTENT: I haven't read enough Mark Millar to have a good opinion on his comics, but his column for CBR is pretty great. This week he's got the Top Ten Comics You Haven't Read; here he is on Superman #400, revealing his old-school sensibilities:

SUPERMAN #400 by Eliot S! Maggin and Various is, quite simply, the best Superman story ever published. Yeah, I know that bearded chap from Northampton was very, very good and Byrne's revamp is actually a lot more fun than it seemed at the time, but this one really kicks both their arses. The story starts in the present day and snakes its way forward to the end of time as we watch the legend of Superman dissolve into a distant memory. It's such a brilliant piece of writing and was my single, biggest inspiration when I was writing 2003's Superman: Red Son. Anniversary comics come and go, but they all suck Iraqi cock when they're compared to this baby. Chaykin on the cover, Frank Miller, Jim Steranko, Al Williamson, Klaus Jansen, Moebius, Wrightson, Brian Bolland, Will Eisner and Marshall Rogers on interiors. With an introduction by Ray Bradbury? Fuck, it's so good they put poor Frank Miller on the BACK cover. The more I think about this one, the more I'm happy that America stayed out of the war for a while and let Seigel and Shuster concentrate on getting the ball rolling.

And here's comic I've never even heard of:

LCD by Keiron Dwyer. It takes a lot to shock me, it really does. I can sit through any movie, read any comic, snigger away at any horror novel. Piss Christ didn't shock me. Damien Hirst didn't shock me. Gilbert and George didn't come close. LCD did. Keiron Dwyer scares the shit out of me because he puts down on paper things people shouldn't even be thinking. He self-publishes stuff I'm sure people are in jail for. I picked one of these up in San Diego a couple of years ago and was too scared to even try to bring it home through airport security. Believe me, they're really THAT BAD! I've never read one of his superhero comics, but I somehow can't imagine Captain America saying "you wanna see what I found in this dead bum's ass?"

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